Maria Wörth

Family Region Wörthersee Süd

An idyll on the Wörthersee

Wörthersee-South – the completely idyllic southern shore of the Wörthersee – obtains its charm from the two churches on the peninsula in Maria Wörth, which because of their position in the “middle” of the lake, are knows as the “Heart of Lake Wörthersee”!

The four completely different districts which make up the municipality of Maria Wörth: Maria Wörth, Reifnitz, Dellach and Sekirn, all have one thing in common: the beautiful landscape, the clear, pure waters of the lake – drinking water quality – and meadows and forests untouched by environmental damage.


In short: nature in its purest form!

Maria Wörth also stands out particularly on account of its numerous health specialists. Health – the most precious commodity of every human being – is a top priority in the municipality of Maria Wörth.

The FX Mayr cure, available at the Original FX Mayr health centre in Dellach and in VIVAMAYR Medicalcenter in Maria Wörth – the Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine – and also in the Kurhaus Dr. Schulz in Reifnitz, is more than worthy of a mention.

new and special feature in our municipality is the ALPHA FLOATING – “You are the source”.