Lost property office

Municipality Maria Wörth – Reifnitz – Dellach – Sekirn

If you have found something, the value of which exceeds €10, or something which is of obvious importance to its owner, you, as the finder, are bound to hand it in to the competent authority. Lost property found in the municipality of Maria Wörth must be handed in at the

Tourist Information Office Maria Wörth – Fundamt – Seepromenade 5, 9082 Maria Wörth during office hours Mon – FR 8 am to 12 pm  (closed Sat, Sun and public holidays).

Have you lost something?

To help you find lost or forgotten items within the municipality of Maria Wörth and surrounding areas, our lost property office is at your disposal. Lost or forgotten items which have been handed in at the lost property office of the municipality of Maria Wörth can be collected by you (as the owner) during office hours.

A charge will be made for a copy of a loss report for submission to a government office, authority, etc. (€2,10)