Channel – water – waste

Municipality Maria Wörth – Reifnitz – Dellach – Sekirn

Fault reports channel / water out of working hours:
0664-1338299 (Hr. Safron) oder 0664-5262400 (Building yard foreman)

Field of duties:

  • Community-owned waste recycling yard – building yard
  • Affairs of the Waste Management Regulations – Waste disposal – container banks – outsize and hazardous waste collection – waste collection plan
  • Sewage disposal – municipal sewerage system – Determining of rating units, change notifications and stipulation of contributions in accordance with the Carinthian Municipal Sewerage Law
  • Water supply – municipal water supply system – Determination of rating units, change notifications and stipulation of contributions to the Carinthian village Water Supply Act
  • Markets and market-like events – Auto-News at the Wörthersee – Golf GTI meeting – – Farmers’ Market
  • Matters of agriculture and forestry – statistical surveys – land use surveys – livestock censuses, Animal Disease Fund contributions, notifications by Carinthian carcass disposal GmbH
  • Insurance reports – settlement of damage to municipal property
  • Municipality-owned property and objects and their heating systems
  • Street lighting
  • Streets, paths, parks and trails, road police regulations and notifications, local roads and paths
  • Municipality-owned bathing beaches
  • Parking management – short-term parking zones and their payments
  • Winter service – snow clearance